My whole life I have a fascination for fine arts and all kind of creative expressions in that manner. After my study at the Royal Academic of Art in The Hague, I first decided to see more of the world.

In order to make my travelling possible I had many different jobs. These jobs were creative and instructive, but more about creative thinking then about being artistic. The need to come back to a more creative profession in the artistic way stayed all along, and has finally come to expression in web design.

The work experience I gained with working in different, larger and smaller, enterprises, both commercial as non-profit, has given me a lot of insight, that I am now able to use in designing for the world wide web.
My travel experience now comes to benefit. I’ve learned to appreciate and to accommodate between different cultures, surroundings, ideas and people. This experience has now become my inspiration as web designer.

As a web designer I came to the conclusion that the early choices I made have strengthened me and give me now the opportunity to create websites that radiate unity in lay-out as well as in the ‘feel’.

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