In order to establish the contemplated goal of the website, we as Sunshine Webdesign first have to map out the ideas and wishes of the customer and what the function of the website will be. We’ll investigate questions like; what is the website’s goal, what is it’s target group and what is the mission and the vision of the company? In addition, we’ll look at the client’s marketing position.


In the next stage a proposition will be made. In this proposition the lay-out, navigation and structure of the website will be defined and explained. This will be supported by a first (concept) design to give an impression of the aimed appearance of the website, which will result into a web plan. If the house style of the customer is available it is possible to implement that into the new design when wished for.
When an agreement about the proposition is made, the plan will be worked out, if not it will get polished. After approval of the final design, the actual building of the website can start off

The building and search engine optimization

The website will be search engine optimized. Basic assumption is that less is more. The fewer there is, the better the accessibility and the search engine friendlier the website is. The latest technology will be used and the website will meet the W3C web standards.

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